Alessandro Twombly Exhibition View at Blondeau & Cie, 2013

Alessandro Twombly
Exhibition View at Blondeau & Cie, 2013

Parallel Landscapes
September 12 – December 21, 2013

Blondeau & Cie is proud to present at its space at 5 rue de la Muse a solo exhibition of Alessandro Twombly. After the sculptures and works on paper exhibited in 2012, here are superlative new oils on canvas.

Two series, both dated 2013, ricochet around the floral motif, a recurrent subject with Twombly. The series of five Untitled (Tropical Booms) seems to take its title from the dazzling cerulean blue that forms the background for these ascending flowers. The ten works in the series Untitled (Parallel Landscapes) reveal flowers or garlands of flowers on a grey background that is the product of a quite different sensibility, one perhaps infused with nostalgia.

The confrontation of the two series highlights the different compositional elements and presents diverging scales of intensity. The Tropical Booms soar up as though still vibrating from the impulse that launched them; they slash through the radiant blue. Marginal in nature, cerulean extracts the flower from its natural environment while accentuating its floral identity. The margins of figuration and abstraction are here outlined…!

The Parallel Landscapes are organised into whirling chains of flowers that seem as if suspended in a calm and indefinable space. Impassioned in texture and colour, the flowers blaze up but are not consumed. The vivid hues, a constant in Twombly’s production, seem more discreet here than in previous works, foregrounding the expressivity of the brushstroke. The material nature of paint is revealed to the spectator and from it emanates a wonderful impression of liberty.

Over the course of these works, the figure of the flower is multiplied, declined and recomposed into pure floral matter. In these canvases of common motif, the spectator can dwell on the rhythm created between the paintings while discovering the singularities of each. Here and there a work will probably evoke Monet’s water lilies, with which Alessandro Twombly unconsciously shares the almost indefinable character of the flowers. But Monet’s aquatic dimension is replaced here by an aerial dimension as the garlands of flowers float freely in an abstract recession of space.

Alessandro Twombly was born in 1959 in Rome. Today he lives and works at Capranica in the Roman Campagna. The floral motif has been present in his compositions since the 1980s. Between abstraction and figuration, he has maintained an exoticism in his most recent oils that will ravish the spectator with its immediacy and intensity.

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