Galerie Charlotte Moser:JEREMY KOST


Jeremy Kost
Ain’t No Need To Cry
(Beyonce), 2012
Acrylic and Enamel on canvas
48 x 36 x 1 1/2 in, Unique

March 14 – A pril 12, 2013

Galerie Charlotte Moser
15, rue des Rois, CH-1204 Genève
T + 41 (0)22 312 14 14 • F + 41 (0)22 312 14 15
Horaires : ma – ve 14h00 – 18h30, sa 14h00 – 17h00 et sur rendez-vous

Jeremy Kost is a tireless chronicler of gender, sexuality, and nightlife. Born in Corpus Christi, Texas, he now lives and works in New York City, though he regularly travels the world to capture his images, whether they’re of toned male models in the Californian desert or vibrant drag queens strutting through Pittsburgh.
Haunting the slides of the New York ‘s nightlife and the great people events, Jeremy Kost takes his instantaneous pictures with much freedom. He acts as a catalyst, delivering people of their masks.
Unknown or Stars mix up together become, for a while, a celebrity in his own view. For example, a drag Queen becomes true Queen by her disguised aspect and her attitude.
Strongly influenced by Warhol, both in his choice of subjects and technique, Kost extends the creative potential of one of Warhol’s favorite tools – the Polaroid camera. In Kost’s work, Polaroid images not only form the basis of silkscreen paintings but are elevated to the status of fine art in complex, multilayered photo-collages. In our exhibition, Kost treats the image as a negative that he transposes with acrylic and enamel on large canvas. The witness catches only a shadow, which becomes a dream or a fiction.
Fame’s a Bitch, title of this exhibition, shows Kost’s favorite questioning: the loss of innocence and the manner that people reach notoriety.

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