Gagosian Gallery:Elisa Sighicelli

Bildschirmfoto 2013-03-26 um 10.46.05

Elisa Sighicelli
Untitled (Blue Fabric), 2011
Partially backlit C-print
mounted on lightbox
124 x 124 x 4 cm


Gagosian Gallery
19 place de Longemalle, 1204 Genève
T +41 22 319 36 19 F +41 22 319 36 10
Hours Tue – Fri, 11am – 7pm, Sat, 12pm – 5pm

March 12 – May 4, 2013

Sighicelli uses photography and video to capture the incidental details of ordinary objects and places, heightening their intrinsic qualities to the level of near abstraction. Her works explore places suspended in time while deliberately avoiding narrative structure. Past subjects include the Namibian desert, the landscape of Mexico, urban architecture in Hong Kong, and the prosaic details of domestic environments. Combining material and metaphysical elements, Sighicelli’s intriguing images reveal themselves both as still lifes and enigmatic apparitions.
Her latest body of work uses light, found objects, and singular installation methods to explore the physical qualities of the photograph, expanding the image beyond the two-dimensional picture plane.
In Untitled (Tape) (2011), she joins the photograph of a sheet of back-lit paper with a fragment of tape placed on each side with an actual piece of tape, placed directly onto the photographic image, thus creating three distinct spatial planes, wherein two photographic representations merge with the tangible object. In Untitled (Leningrad at Night) (2011) she takes a photograph printed from an old Soviet slide, and artfully folds and installs it in the corner of a room, transforming a banal image into an architectural aspect of its chosen space. The lightbox Untitled (Blue Fabric) (2012) features a swathe of blue fabric, bathed in sunlight from an unseen window. Certain areas of the photograph have been masked by applying black paint to the reverse side of the lightbox so that the manipulated light creates a glowing halo around the edges of the fabric. Light, used here like a painter’s palette, acquires a sculptural quality that unites the second and third dimensions.

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